James Singelis


Brief Bio


I began my professional career designing scenery for theatre, film and print photography. After nearly twenty years as a set designer, I became fascinated (obsessed) with personal computers when they were introduced in the early ‘80s and decided to study programming. This change allowed me to leave New York City and make my home in New Marlborough, Massachusetts, where I could work out of my home office.


In 2009 I began drawing and painting again.




























Artist's Statement


We look at a person’s face and attempt to learn from it something about it’s owner. We look at a painting (abstract or figurative) and attempt to learn something about the painter. Both have arrived at their current condition over a period of time. Each is a layered record of thoughts and emotions, a visual history of something interior.


Each of my paintings is a diary, a recording of my countless attempts to make something interior visible. they are intended to be neither illustrations nor snapshots of emotional moments, but rather, histories of my interior cross-currents.


My paintings are a visual record of me. Self portraits? Maybe. Perhaps they are best described a visual essays, or perhaps obituaries.